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Pretzels at Brewer's Festival
This was a fun, house made special that paired perfectly with a Fort Collins beer!
Our links are grilled to perfection with love from Common-Link. Nothing is more satisfying. Seriously.
Totes Ma Gotes Burger
Just Delightful
All natural Colorado beef served with a balsamic vinegar reduction, goat cheese and mixed greens.

Meet Seth & Michele

They are heroes to a world of hungry folks. They put foodie + truckie together to come up with the ideal menu on wheels: Sausages + Belgian fries. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, and now serving food in the Mayor of Old Town, these professionally-trained restauranteurs have always understood that a full and happy stomach means a full and happy life. They bring Common-Link to you, serving the epicurious and the simply-curious the best links on the planet with a side of the ultimate fries. This isn’t fast food. This is slow cooked and artisan served fast. Get linked. Get Common-Link.